Date: January 06, 1960
Time: 02:38
Location: Wilmington/Bolivia, North Carolina
Operator: National Airlines
Flight #: 2511
Route: New York - Miami
AC Type: Douglas DC-6B
Registration: N8225H
cn / ln: 43742/300
Aboard: 34   (passengers:29  crew:5)
Fatalities: 34   (passengers:29  crew:5)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane disintegrated in flight at 18,000 feet and crashed 1.5 miles northwest of Bolivia, North Carolina. Detonation of a dynamite bomb by means of dry cell batteries, in the vicinity of row 7, in the passenger cabin. The plane continued to fly for a short time after which the fuselage came apart and the plane crashed in a ball of flames. Julian Frank, who had purchased 1 million dollars in insurance, was suspected of committing suicide by detonating the bomb in his lap or under his seat. There is a possibility Frank may have been an unwitting bomb carrier and that this bombing has something to do with the National Airlines crash of November, 16, 1959. No one was charged in either case.

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