Date: March 17, 1960
Time: 15:25
Location: Near Cannelton, 10 mile SE of Tell City, Indiana
Operator: Northwest Orient Airlines
Flight #: 710
Route: Chicago - Miami
AC Type: Lockheed 188C Electra
Registration: N121US
cn / ln: 1057
Aboard: 63   (passengers:57  crew:6)
Fatalities: 63   (passengers:57  crew:6)
Ground: 0
Summary: An in-flight separation of the wing. A design flaw caused an oscillation known as whirl mode to transfer propeller wobble to the outboard nacelles which induced flutter in the wing which led to the separation of the wing. Reduced stiffness of the structure and the entry of the aircraft into an area of severe clear air turbulence were contributing factors. One of two crashes with the same cause. See 9/29/59.

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