Date: November 08, 1957
Time: 01:27
Location: 900 miles E of Honolulu, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean
Operator: Pan American World Airways
Flight #: 7
Route: San Fransisco - Honolulu
AC Type: Boeing - 377-10-29 Stratocruiser
Registration: N90944
cn / ln: 15960/40
Aboard: 44   (passengers:36  crew:8)
Fatalities: 44   (passengers:36  crew:8)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft disappeared mid-way on a flight between San Francisco and Honolulu. Wreckage was found 940 miles NE of Honolulu 5 days later. Officially, the cause was never determined. Possible in-flight fire. High levels of carbon monoxide were found in the 19 bodies that were recovered, though this could have resulted from exposure to seawater. The aircraft was named "Clipper Romance of the Skies."

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