Date: December 09, 1956
Time: c 19:15
Location: Near Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Operator: Trans Canada Air Lines
Flight #: 810-9
Route: Vancouver - Toronto
AC Type: Canadair DC-4M-2 Northstar
Registration: CF-TFD
cn / ln: 128
Aboard: 62   (passengers:59  crew:3)
Fatalities: 62   (passengers:59  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft departed Vancouver en route to Calgary. Some 50 minutes later the pilot reported a fire in the No. 2 engine and was turning back. While flying under the power of 3 engines, the aircraft encountered severe icing, turbulence or other difficulty which led to the loss of control by the crew. It could not be determined why the aircraft was 12 miles south of the assigned airway. The plane crashed high into Mount Slesse. The bodies and wreckage were not found until 05/10/1957 and the wreckage still remains at the site which is now a memorial.

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