Date: November 30, 1947
Time: 14:25
Location: Seattle, Washington
Operator: Alaska Airlines
Flight #: 009
Route: Anchorage - Seattle
AC Type: Douglas C-54A
Registration: NC-91009
cn / ln: 7453
Aboard: 28   (passengers:25  crew:3)
Fatalities: 8   (passengers:7  crew:1)
Ground: 1
Summary: The plane attempted to land at Seattle-Tacoma Airport but aborted the landing because of low ceiling and visibility. During a second landing attempt, the aircraft touched down 2,748 feet beyond the approach end of Runway 20, ran past the end of the runway, hit an automobile killing one person, crashed into a ditch and burst into flames. Caused by the landing of the airplane too far from the approach end of a wet runway and at a speed too great to accomplish a full stop on the runway.

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