Date: August 02, 1947
Time: 1740
Location: Andes, Argentina
Operator: British South American Airways
Flight #: ?
Route: Buenos Aires - Santiago
AC Type: Avro 691 Lancastrian 3
Registration: G-AGWH
cn / ln: 1280
Aboard: 11   (passengers:6  crew:5)
Fatalities: 11   (passengers:6  crew:5)
Ground: 0
Summary: Crash in the Andes mountains in poor weather while flying from Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile. The plane was found on the south slope of Tupungato peak at the 18,000 ft. level on January 19, 2000, 53 years later. Possibly icing or possibly the aircraft, being capable of flying over 20,000 feet, encountered strong head winds and began a descent thinking they were over their destination when they were not. The plane was named "Star Dust." The radio operator transmitted an enigmatic coded message ("STENDEC") before the plane disappeared.

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