Date: October 23, 1942
Time: 17:15
Location: Palm Springs, California
Operator: American Airlines / Military - USAF
Flight #: 28
Route: Palm Springs - New York City
AC Type: Douglas DC-3 / Lockheed B-34
Registration: NC16017
cn / ln: 1555
Aboard: 13   (passengers:10  crew:3)
Fatalities: 12   (passengers:10  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: Midair collision between an Army bomber and airliner over Chino Canyon near Palm Springs at 9,000 feet destroying the rudder of the DC-3. All 12 aboard the DC-3 were killed. The Lockheed B-34 landed safely with minor damage. The reckless and irresponsible conduct of the bomber pilot, William Wilson, in deliberately maneuvering a bomber in dangerous proximity to an airliner in an unjustifiable attempt to attract the attention of the first officer, his friend aboard the airliner. Composer and song writer Ralph Rainger, 41, killed.

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