Date: April 07, 1936
Time: 1020
Location: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Operator: Trans Continental and Western Air
Flight #: 1
Route: Newark - Los Angeles
AC Type: Douglas DC-2-112
Registration: NC13721
cn / ln: 1247
Aboard: 14   (passengers:11  crew:3)
Fatalities: 12   (passengers:10  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: Crashed into Chestnut Ridge in fog. The poor judgment on the part of the pilot for flying by visual ground observation methods after having descended through the clouds and overcast in mountainous terrain at a point unknown to him. Because of clouds and poor visibility, this required flying close to the ground whereas the safest method under such circumstances was to climb into or above the overcast to a safe altitude and determine the location of the plane by instruments and radio.

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