Date: May 18, 1935
Time: 1835
Location: Flint, Michigan
Operator: Knowles Flying Service of Detroit
Flight #: ?
Route: Sightseeing
AC Type: Ford model 4-AT-E
Registration: WC-7864
cn / ln: 4-AT-49
Aboard: 12   (passengers:11  crew:1)
Fatalities: 3   (passengers:2  crew:1)
Ground: 0
Summary: While on a sightseeing trip, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed. Carelessness and negligence on the part of the pilot for not replenishing his fuel supply before it got dangerously low and poor judgment on his part for attempting to return to the airport when there was open terrain ahead of him. Many passengers did not use their seatbelts nor were they instructed in their use.

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